Sesame Asian Kitchen restaurant, Ashland, Oregon

WOKKED EDAMAME spicy togarashi seasoning or salt 5.50 GF VG

PEIKING BAO steamed bun, shredded marinated duck, pickled ginger &  cucumber, plum sauce 8.25 GF

LOBSTER RANGOON crisp filled wonton, cream cheese, scallion, yuzu chili sauce 7.95 (5ea)

CRISP COCONUT CALAMARI over napa cabbage, thai mango sauce for dipping 10.95

LETTUCE WRAPS sesame garlic ground chicken or
tofu, red leaf lettuce leaves, cilantro, bean sprouts, peanuts, carrots 11.50 GF VG

POTSTICKERS seared pork dumpling, plum sauce 7.95 (5ea)

EGGROLLS ground chicken, peanut sauce, cabbage, carrot, rice noodles, plum sauce, hot mustard 7.95

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Substitutions subject to à la carte pricing. “Spicy” indicates on the spicy side. All modifications charged à la carte, Pricing does not include 5% Ashland meals tax. Limit 2 credit cards per table. Parties of 6 or more are subject to an 18% gratuity. Many dishes contain peanut oil. Menu subject to change.